Maternity Insurance

About Maternity Insurance Benefits

Any person, anywhere, at any time, may be exposed to a life-threatening situation due to danger. It is very likely that in such a critical situation money problem also arise. This is where insurance plans come into play.

It is important that every pregnant woman receives a maternal card in order to receive great benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Regular inspections

Pregnant women can visit their doctor regularly to check if necessary.

  1. Hospital stay

With a maternal ticket, you can stay in the hospital at extremely reduced prices. This makes your hospital easy and stress free.

  1. Checks for your child

As soon as your child arrives, you can also receive free examinations for him or her. In addition, if there are health problems, motherhood can be a blessing.

  1. prescription drugs

Medications and medicines are very expensive without a prescription. If you are insured and have a maternal card, you can get prescription drugs at discounted prices, and sometimes even for free.

5.24-hour consultation

Women with maternity insurance singapore no waiting period can be consulted within 24 hours during and after pregnancy if they need help managing their activities and the health of the child.

  1. Prenatal vitamins

Your doctor may advise you on the right vitamins for pregnant women during pregnancy. This is excellent because you cannot be sure which one to take, as there may be health risks.

  1. Ultrasound

Usually getting supersonic without insurance can be extremely painful for finances. However, with maternity insurance, you get full maternity coverage.